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Luís Simões distinguished in the 10th anniversary of the Donated Goods Bank of ENTRAJUDA

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Luís Simões was one of the distinguished entities on October 30 in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Bank of Donated Goods.

João Pedro Matos Fernandes, Minister of the Environment and José António Vieira da Silva, Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security, attended the ceremony, which took place at Quinta do Cabrinha in Lisbon, and sought to honor companies, entities, and individuals for their role in protecting the environment and dedication to social causes, in favor of a more cohesive, sustainable and solidary Portugal.

Created by ENTRAJUDA in 2007, the Bank of Donated Goods is an innovative project, of national scope and transversal to the whole society and economy, that foments the exercise of sustainability, with the objective of reaching out to social solidarity institutions donated non-food products by companies.

On the sidelines of the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Bank of Donated Goods, in which LS was highlighted as one of the 10 main partners that generate value and social impact, Isabel Jonet reinforced the partnership with Luís Simões and her admiration and thanks for everything the support and value that the group generates and the role it plays in social responsibility and solidarity in Portugal: "Luís Simões is one of the partners that since the foundation has played a crucial role and has allowed the realization of a project that is now a reference in Portuguese society in the ambit of the solidarity economy and circular. It will never be too much to thank for all the support you give. It is an honor for me to present this award to Mr. José Luís Simões, whom I greatly admire, and to distinguish a partner who generates great value to society. "

José Luís Simões says that "It is an honor for me and Luís Simões to be a partner of ENTRAJUDA. By creating value at the economic, social and environmental levels, ENTRAJUDA and Luís Simões materialize their commitment to sustainability and to the generations to come. This planet is not ours. We can use it, but we have an obligation to make it "healthy" for those who come after us. And besides looking at the planet, we have to look at each other. "

Cristiano Ronaldo joined this commemorative date of the Banco de Dados Dens, with the offer of around 5,000 pairs of shoes from his collection, whose logistic operation is the responsibility of LS since 2015. On this occasion LS associated with this donation and offered to transport the merchandise donated from its warehouse in Vila Nova de Gaia to the warehouse of the Bank of Goods Donated in Lisbon.

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